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Aeroma Spinner

Aeroma Spinner

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This solar-powered aircraft ornament spins its propeller with the power of the sun and releases a delightful aroma for a multi-sensory experience. Perfect for any aviation enthusiast, order now and take your love for flight to new heights with the Aeroma Spinner!

>Propeller rotated by solar energy creating a beautiful and novel effect.
>Adjustable aroma intensity
>Made of high quality, high grade aluminium alloy
>Body does not fade in the sun. 

The Aeroma Spinner has a delivery time of 7-12 days in UK and 7-15 days in USA. Please see below for other regions.

Product information:
Material: Alloy
Style: creative
Function: Solar
Package size: 215*145*140mm


Processing times are 24-48 hours.

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Average Shipping Times: *these times may vary*

  • Australia & New Zealand: 7-15 days
  • Europe: 6-18 days
  • North America: 7-20 days

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